SoMoConf: Borrell Provides List of Data Sources to Help Local Media Improve Ad Sales

Larry Shaw, VP of research at Borrell Associates, gave a great presentation highlighting all of the free data sources out there that provide detailed audience analysis.  Some of these sources even provide information on specific local markets which can help with targeting but also with ad sales.  Some of the sources he highlighted include:

  • Borrell
  • BIA/Kelsey
  • Kantar
  • US Census
  • Nielsen
  • eMarketer
  • Millenial Media
  • Pew

In addition, Larry provided insight into what kind of information local media organizations need to bring to sales presentations.  Most importantly, Larry said that knowing the latest trends and behaviors is critical which is where the resources mention earlier can come into play.  In addition, knowing your media organizations reach, in other words, “how much of the pie you have,” is important for helping sell your ad solution.

Finally, he gave some insight into the trends Borrell is seeing in regards to ad spend across many sources and also some projections on ad spend and usage over the next few years:

  • Most ad spend is remaining relatively flat except online advertising has seen a huge jump because of targeted advertising.
  • Targeted ad spend is expected to double next year.
  • Promotions are growing rapidly and they are now bigger than online advertising but not nearly as big as online marketing services
  • Mobile (smartphone and tablets) will quickly overtake desktop usage in the next few years
  • Social ads will double in next 5 years

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