SoMoConf: 20-Somethings Give Opinions on Digital Ads and Usage of Social, Mobile

Terry Kukle, VP of business development at Metroland Media, moderated this panel made up of seven Chicago based 20-somethings who work and live in varying neighborhoods throughout the city.  There were a variety of themes that came from the discussion. Terry asked variety questions about the panel’s usage of traditional media sources like radio, newspapers and TV and the overall theme was that most of the panel’s consumption comes from their mobile phone.

The notion and definition of radio has completely changed for this generation.  Radio is no longer just defined as FM or AM given the advent of new tools like Spotify, Pandora, Fit Radio and others that are accessible on the mobile phone.  Similarly, many of the panelists have canceled cable because of other TV options like Netflix and Hulu.

When it comes to ads, the panel overwhelming disliked ads that were clearly identifiable as ads.  They found the promotions and emails that were timely and relevant to be the most successful and useful for them.

For news, the panel said that they are utilizing recommendations on what they are reading, whether that is from connections on Twitter, Facebook or other social sites.  In addition, they are using tools like Buzz Feed to stay connected.  They are satisfied with the information they are finding without needing to seek it out.

To put it plainly, the panel thinks ads are annoying and are more inclined to engage with a promotion that they “stumble” upon in their daily mobile and social usage.

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