Snapchat’s New Check-in Feature Lets Users Share Location

Snapchat, the popular photo messaging app, is currently testing a new feature that allows users to check into a particular location on Snap Map. The ‘Status’ feature utilizes a user to customize their Bitmoji to depict whatever they are doing at the time, whether it’s reading a book or eating at a restaurant, within Snap Maps.

The activity, as well as the location, are then visible to the friends the user has opted to share their location with. The status disappears once you change locations, and it won’t update when the app isn’t opened. Each individual location is stored into a private list referred to as a ‘Passport.’


Status is completely an opt-in service, so users can choose whether to share their location or put themselves into Ghost mode. The test is currently running with Snapchat users in Australia.

This new feature provides Snapchat, who already owns location analytics company Placed, with a unique opportunity to gather useful location data and information from its users that could be utilized to improve ad-targeting strategies.

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