Snapchat Taps Factual to Power ‘Location Experiences’ in Its App

Last week Snapchat made two big moves in location. It bought location analytics company Placed for between $125 and $200 million. It also licensed Factual’s Global Places database.

The Placed acquisition helps Snapchat deliver enhanced audience data and offline attribution metrics to advertisers. The Factual partnership improves the user experience of location tools on the platform.

According to a Factual blog post, Snapchat will use Factual’s location data to power experiences within the Snapchat mobile app:

Geofilter and logistics services require high quality places data to operate properly and efficiently for users – Snap will gain access to location data that can be used to power experiences within the Snapchat mobile app.  Factual’s Global Places data covers over 100+ million local businesses and points of interest in 52 countries and is used globally by leading mobile app companies.

While the Placed acquisition supports Snapchat’s advertising business, the Factual partnership is about improving the user experience. Location has emerged as a key feature for Snapchat: Geofilters and location-based stories allow users to engage with physical locations and events.

A mobile-first internet has made location and location intelligence the center of gravity for both users and marketers. For advertisers, it helps define audiences and their behaviors as well as track the offline impact of ads. For consumers, location and social media convert offline experiences into online events.

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