SMB Market: How Will Machine Learning/AI Impact DIFM vs. DIY?

One of the questions that intrigues me most these days is: how will machine learning and artificial intelligence impact small business marketing? That’s the subject of a panel I’m moderating at next week’s Cloud Adoption Summit, featuring iPromote, Facebook and Google.

CAS Panel

Will it primarily benefit marketing services providers who work with SMBs? Or will we see a surge in DIY marketing among small businesses because these “under the hood” tools and systems can radically simplify digital marketing — doing the heavy lifting of campaign setup, management and optimization without much human input?

The answer is: probably both. Service providers will be able to adopt these systems for greater efficiency, scale and fulfillment. But ML/AI will also enable new kinds of DIY marketing options for SMBs. If SMBs can choose outcomes, provide some basic information and set a fixed budget that’s going to be very appealing to a lot of people.

I’m really looking forward to this discussion as well as hearing all the other great speakers. Unlike other events where the content is merely an occasion for people to come together and network, The Cloud Adoption Summit going is going to have an intense content focus.

In one form or another all the sessions will be discussing the question: where is the SMB marketing going over the next 18 to 36 months?

Our speakers are some of the smartest people working in digital marketing, focused on SMB services. It will be a rare opportunity to gain visibility into what’s coming and right around the corner. We’ll see you there.

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