Small Businesses Cite Poor Sales as Major Concern

I recently took some time to review the January issue of the National Federation of Independent Business’ (NFIB) Small Business Economic Trends report, which tracks the latest developments in small business sales, employment and other factors. The data, which is updated on a monthly basis, is clear: despite overall improvements in the economy, small business optimism and growth remains stalled.

Somewhat buried in the report, however, is one statistic that I think is important to call out. Last December, the single most important problem facing small businesses—by a 14-point margin—was poor sales. In fact, sales concerns are at an all-time high since NFIB began tracking the statistic in 1986.

Essentially, small businesses are making a plea for help.  And no one is in a better position to help them generate sales than us.  More than ever, we need to activate the new and innovative solutions that we’ve been building to help these business owners take advantage of the slowly improving economy.

Consider the stats:  our print and online Yellow Pages products were used almost 17 billion times in 2009, produce one of the strongest ROI’s of any medium and are the most effective medium at generating new customers. We can help small businesses generate those much needed sales better than anyone.

While we can’t singlehandedly restore confidence to the small business sector, Yellow Pages can play an important role in its recovery.  Our success will be the success of the small and medium-size business.

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  1. i also started a small busines at home and it is a great way to invest your retirement money ..

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