Slicing the ‘Pizza’ Heading Data


For those who follow YPA data, you know that we like to analyze specific headings to understand how small businesses can use Yellow Pages to drive qualified sales leads.


In January, the biggie is “Pizza.”


It’s the fifth-most referenced heading overall – but in January, usage skyrockets. The NFL playoffs, New Year’s Day, college bowl games and other post-holiday get-togethers all contribute to the spike in pizza orders.


Last January, “Pizza” had 60 million searches, compared with 318 million over the full year. Plus, pizza generated another 22 percent of searches under the “Restaurant” heading. In other words, pizza accounts for more than half a billion Yellow Pages searches every year.


The ROI on a Yellow Pages ad under the pizza heading is very strong. On average, a display ad generates $7 sales for every $1 spent.


Independent pizzerias use Yellow Pages to reach their local customers against tough competition from larger brands, which have more resources for television advertising and flyer campaigns. Out of the 76,355 pizzerias in the U.S., 65% are independently owned. 


The larger brands, like Papa John’s, also use Yellow Pages to generate pizza orders both via telephone and online.


For the pizzeria owner, or CMR working with pizzeria clients, here are some other interesting stats that may help your ad strategy:

  • Just over half (52%) of searches are for local pizzerias.
  • The pizza heading is referenced most often by 18-24 year-old single males.
  • Usage is especially high among male customers renting living spaces in the Northeast portion of the U.S. – perhaps due to the high ratio of pizzerias in that region (four pizzerias for every 10,000 people).
  • The region with the second highest frequency of references is the Midwest, followed by the West and South regions.

That’s a slice of Yellow Pages data that anyone can appreciate.

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  1. Chris says:

    Pizza? My favorite thing about data is how interesting it is:)

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