Six Principles Driving the Tech Adoption Index

About a year and a half ago we developed a set of six principles that served as the foundation for what would become the Tech Adoption Index. These principles were the reasons we believed the small business shift to the cloud would become the biggest game changer since SMBs started building websites and shifting their media spend to digital.

Of course our opinion was’t enough. To test our principles out we ran two waves of survey research, in May and November 2017, each with a sample size of 1,000 SMBs, seeking insights on their use of cloud technology in day to day operations.

The survey results plus market developments that have occurred during this time have largely confirmed the six principles. We were on to something after all.

Last week at Vendastacon in Banff, Alberta, I presented the Six Principles to make the case to those attending that the small business shift to the cloud will change the world they live in — selling digital marketing products to SMBs — in profound ways.

Here is a quick rundown of the Six Principles with some survey findings back them up. We will soon publish a longer version of the Six Principles, complete with supporting survey data, in an upcoming Tech Adoption Index Insight Paper.

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