Sensis Tells Growth Story

The team from Sensis returned again to this year’s conferece with a dynamic and inspiring session. Bruce Akhurst, CEO, Carol Johnson, COO, Donna Federico, Director-Sales Operations and Jo Lynne Whiting, Senior Advisor for Sensis were on hand to present the story of continued growth for Sensis.This session built upon the message Sensis presented at last year’s YPA conference, and updated and expanded on the health and growth both Yellow and White Pages have experienced in Australia.

With over 600,000 customers, Sensis has put its focus and resources squarely on customer, and as a result as seen great growth in its Yellow and White Pages business.

Bruce Akhurst told audiences he knows they’ve “got the right model” with a true focus on the customer. Sensis has seen full year revenue growth rise 7.2% in 2008. They’ve also seen a 12% increase in the positive perception of the Yellow Pages.

Carol Johnson enthusiastically supported Sensis’ focus on the customer, stating their “ultimate vision is to be the trusted advisor.”

For the second year in a row Sensis brought a positive growth story to the YPA conference, proving again that growth in our industry is attainable and that one focus with flawless execution can produce stellar results.

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