SEL: 10 Tips for Targeting Local Consumers

Geotargeting is the practice of delivering content to a consumer — via mobile or web — using geographic location information about that individual. At a basic level, a business can restrict its reach to consumers only located in a defined geographic area such as a state or a city. But location often provides much deeper, more meaningful and identifiable traits that tell you what a person wants, needs or is interested in.

Here are 10 practical tips for using geo-location information to reach your target audience. Check out my Search Engine Land column for the details.

  1. Find a venue where your target audience will have specific wants or needs
  2. Exclude locations where your target audience will not be
  3. Define a radius by distance or time around your store or an area of interest
  4. Adjust your bid on ads to prioritize better locations
  5. Use location specific keywords for paid search ads
  6. Predict your audience by geography
  7. Discover location intent by search history
  8. Analyze consumer behavior and preference from past locations visited
  9. Use location-specific landing pages to provide relevant content
  10. Take advantage of geographic specific events

One Response to “SEL: 10 Tips for Targeting Local Consumers”

  1. Brian Irving says:

    I am seeking to build a website that pinpoints where businesses are located in industrial estates for customers having difficulty in locating the business ( based on Product / services provided) in that industrial estate .It is proposed to offer this service free to potential business customers (the public). based upon a similar process to local search.
    Can you help please
    brian Irving

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