Seasonal Spikes in Catering Searches

Each month, we highlight Yellow Pages headings that are most popular with consumers during particular times of the year. While some headings references stay relatively stable year-round (i.e. “veterinarians”), others like “caterers” experience seasonal spikes around major events like holidays, wedding season and graduations. One thing I find particularly interesting about catering advertising is the amount of consumer research that goes into finding the right caterer – and the ability of Yellow Pages to aid consumers in their search and ultimately drive business sales:

  • Prior to opening the Yellow Pages, nearly three quarters of users (72%) have a decision to make, meaning they do not have any particular business in mind, or are deciding between two or more places.
  • Nearly three quarters of consumers looking for caterers look at one or more ads and among those looking at ads, the average is 5.7 ads referenced (both values are notably higher than the all-headings average)
  • 60% of purchases made under this heading are made by customers new to the business (compared to 43% for the average heading)

Yellow Pages is a helpful tool for those who want to research what local caterers have to offer before committing to a specific business for their next big event. The catering heading receives more than 22 million references in print and Internet Yellow Pages each year.

Depending on the industry and business, different Yellow Pages platforms and offerings may work better than others to attract new business customers. That’s why it’s important to work with a Yellow Pages sales representatives on the best portfolio for your business.

For more information, read our press release about the Yellow Pages “caterers” heading.

One Response to “Seasonal Spikes in Catering Searches”

  1. Andy Leff says:

    Interesting stats here. We see similar stats in our onlne directory We also recognize the amount of people looking for business informaiton and we actually allow the advertises to sell their products throughtheir lisitngs in our directory, which further allws them the chance at making a sale and gives the consumer much more informaiton at their finger tips to consider when makin those buying decisions.

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