‘Search Starts Here’ Workshop: Winning the Hispanic Market

With the local search market becoming more and more fragmented, it’s incredibly important to understand your target audience and find the best ways to reach them. has done just that, as one of the largest search engines targeted directly at the Hispanic market.

At this morning’s first workshop, COO, Azim Tejani shared how is winning the Hispanic audience by targeting and tailoring content to suit the needs of this niche market. is a destination for the 52 million Hispanic Americans looking for local business information, classified ads, and user generated comments and reviews.

YaSabe’s approach focuses on three things:

Geographic Targeting: The Hispanic population nationwide is heavily concentrated in just 10 cities, so YaSabe targets each of those areas to help local searchers find nearby businesses.

Custom User Experience: The Hispanic market itself is quite segmented, with the population having different dialects and affinities across the board. Users may search in different dialects, fully in English, fully in Spanish, or in “Spanglish.” Based on country of origin, YaSabe tailors each users experience to create a custom presentation. Each user sees their dialect of Spanish reflected in local information.

Tailored Content: Hispanic consumers are searching for different products, foods, and business types so YaSabe provides that special content. There is a strong emphasis on helping consumers find bilingual businesses and medical care as well as niche Latino foods.

The Hispanic audience contributed $1.2 trillion in spending to the American economy in 2012 and is the 15th largest economy in the world — and it’s quickly growing. We can expect more local search firms to shift attention to this growing audience in the years to come.

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