Search Starts Here: Mary Boysman of Aspen Dental Announced as Keynote Speaker

I’m excited to announce that Mary Boysman, vice president of Brand Marketing and Advertising at Aspen Dental, will be a keynote speaker at our 2012 annual conference, Search Starts Here, scheduled for April 21-24 in Boca Raton, Florida.

Ms. Boysman will provide a national advertiser’s perspective on digital media planning: how choices are made, how media performance is evaluated and how the media mix works together. She will also address the role of the print Yellow Pages in this media mix

I’m excited to hear Ms. Boysman’s remarks for two reasons. First, I’m interested in the process used by a sophisticated national advertiser and their agency in determining which media is most effective in communicating their messages to their key audiences, as well as their formula for allocating budget across that media mix. For the publishers in the audience, this will provide some terrific insight into what is necessary to increase and/or maintain their share of wallet. Second, this presentation gets to the essence of why we rebranded as the Local Search Association almost a year ago.  That is, how local media can work together synergistically to help marketers succeed and how that success is measured.

I’m really looking forward to Ms. Boysman’s presentation. I think it’s going to provide some great insights we can all learn from. I hope to see you there.

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