Scorpion Acquires Driven Local for Social, Vertical PPC Skills

Two competing Google Premier Partners are joining forces. Scorpion has acquired Driven Local for an undisclosed sum. Based in Valencia California, Scorpion is a full-service digital agency focused on specific verticals and the franchise market. Driven Local focuses on PPC marketing and is based in New York.

In the press release this morning Scorpion characterized Driven Local as having an “industry-leading client retention rate.” Scorpion is focused on serving customers in the legal, healthcare, franchise and home services markets.

Following the acquisition Scorpion will add two office locations in New York and Colorado and will have a total of just under 600 employees. Driven Local CEO, Kevin Szypula has been a regular presenter at LSA’s MarketingBitz small business digital bootcamps. The company was founded in 2006.

Szypula will join Scorpion’s executive team as the Chief Advertising Officer.

Both agencies have overlapping capabilities and services. Given that, I asked Scorpion CEO Rustin Kretz in email some questions about what motivated the company to acquire Driven Local and what skillset it brought to Scorpion. Kretz provided the following set of responses:

Q: Scorpion sold PPC services before this acquisition. What capability or expertise does Driven Local (DL) now bring that wasn’t present before? 

By acquiring Driven Local, we’re adding even more proven PPC experts to the company, along with some incredibly talented and innovative paid advertising minds like their CEO, Kevin Szypula. We think this will create the best possible solution available in the market today by merging really smart, like-minded, customer-focused companies.

Q: Does DL address some specific need or trend in the market for Scorpion? 

Driven Local has cracked the code in the franchise and home services markets, and this a market that Scorpion is committed to delivering the best possible product in. Their expertise and concentration of clients accelerates our growth in these key verticals and enhances our offering to clients. By combining forces, we are well positioned as the best digital advertising provider in the legal, healthcare and now franchise and home services markets.

Q: How will DL impact the services or pricing of services that Scorpion will offer? 

Our scope of services complements one another, but through the acquisition we’ll add even more social media marketing expertise to Scorpion. It won’t affect our pricing. For Driven Local, their clients will greatly benefit from Scorpion’s industry leading digital marketing, reporting and technology.

Q: Will the acquisition have any impact on the market segments that Scorpion serves? Will Scorpion go after additional or different customer segments? 

Through the acquisition, we’re growing our market share and revenue base in the franchise and home services markets. We’ll also gain many influential brands and strong relationships with clients in those markets.

Scorpion will continue to focus on the legal, healthcare, franchise and home services markets. We focus on verticals that we can deliver superior results to clients.

Kretz also added the following statement: 

Scorpion is focused on developing technology to deliver better marketing outcomes and client service experiences. Scorpion is releasing their next generation advertising & reporting platform in Q4 and this including new features like creating personalized and localized video ads for clients. As a result of this new technology, our clients will gain more Internet-driven business—and faster than before.

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