‘Search Starts Here’: Sales Differentiation in a Hyper Competitive Local Media Market

Bob Sanders, president and COO of AXIOM Sales Force Development, believes that sales teams must invest in their own people. In order to realize success, Bob thinks local marketing companies must not only invest in new products and innovation but also in developing and teaching their sales force to adapt to the evolving landscape.

A recent survey found that 53% of small business owners say that conversations with a local salesperson have more impact on their buying decisions than products, brand and price. Bob believes local sales teams need to invest in programs that help team members better engage with SMBs.

There are seven things businesses can do to drive significant improvement in sales:

  • Create a common selling model
  • Gain 100% buy-in from your team
  • Become trusted advisors to SMB clients
  • Invest in elevating the skill and knowledge of your sales team
  • Establish coaching and accountability methods
  • Integrate all customer contact
  • Integrate methodology with CRM

Now more than ever it’s imperative that sales teams become trusted advisors. With so many products and solutions available, SMBs aren’t just looking to buy, they’re also seeking an advisor to help them weed through the options and find what’s best for their business in their environment.

Sales teams must devote time to understanding the current environment every aspect of their client’s business.

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