Roll Out the Carpet for Yellow

It’s awards season, so everyone’s talking about the red carpet. Well, we’re thinking about yellow, and how it can help your small business: usage of the Yellow Pages “Carpet/Rug Dealers” heading peaks in February.

The heading receives about 43 million references per year, but usage jumps in February, especially among 35-64 year-old women with postgraduate degrees and an income of over $40,000. Most have lived in the same home for 5-10 years and are looking to replace worn out carpet.

Chris Davis, president and CEO of the World Floor Covering Association, says that these consumers are prepared, know exactly what they want and where to buy it: from a local dealer.

Eighty-one percent of customers who used this heading to make a purchase bought from a local carpet dealer. That makes for a pretty impressive ROI: local display ads at the “Carpet/Rug Dealers” heading generate $45 of sales revenue for every $1 spent on advertising.

If you are an independent carpet dealer or have carpet retailers as clients, keep these tips in your back pocket for advertising:

  • 58 percent of buyers are female.
  • Usage is highest in the Northeast census region.
  • 63 percent of users have a decision to make when referencing the Yellow Pages. 93 percent follow up with a purchase.
  • Headings users are new to the dealer in 50 percent of purchases.
  • The market for carpets and rugs is projected to rise 1.6 percent per year through 2009 to more than 65% of the floor covering market.

Looks like rolling out the yellow can bring in a lot of green.

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