Report: Keys to a Winning Multi-Location Digital Strategy

Many people are surprised to discover e-commerce is still less than 10% of total retail: roughly $400 billion out of nearly $5 trillion last year. And while online commerce continues to grow, the larger story is how digital media are affecting not billions but trillions in offline consumer spending.

According to Deloitte, more than $2 trillion of in-store spending last year was influenced by digital channels such as search, social media and reviews. Devising and executing a business-centric (rather than brand-centric) digital strategy isn’t easy, especially for larger chains with hundreds or thousands of business locations. It is possible, however.

A new LSA report (commissioned by MomentFeed) titled, “Keys to a Winning Multi-Location Digital Strategy,” explores the importance of mobile and social localization strategies. In addition, the report outlines three approaches to distributed social media engagement for multi-location brands:

  1. Top-down or centralized control
  2. Local management/franchisee control
  3. Hybrid, with elements of both.

The report does not discuss presence management or local SEO. These are critical tools and tactics for multi-location brands but well-covered elsewhere. Instead the focus is on the social side of mobile marketing. Here is the table of contents:




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