Replay: Why Every Business Needs a Location Data Strategy

Technology and data are growth drivers for every major company today — from Disney to Domino’s. Data is key to smart decision-making, and not just about marketing and media. Location data has become a piece of the larger data puzzle and a critical competitive asset.

During a webinar this week, Factual‘s Brian Czarny and LSA’s Greg Sterling discussed how location can be used across organizations in a wide array of contexts, with case studies featuring WeWork, Uber, First Data and more. Brian also explained how to use the data to create personalized products that understand context and deliver significantly better customer experiences.

The discussion explored how location data offers use cases well beyond typical marketing and advertising uses. According to Brian, every business needs a location data strategy in order to:

  • Fuel growth
  • Drive personalization
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Build customer intelligence
  • Increase product utilization
  • Measure success

Furthermore, Brian talked about how location data is allowing marketers and enterprises to get answers to nuanced questions like, “how can I use location to better understand/engage customers?” or “how can I customize/personalize experiences?” or even “how can I use location for business decision-making?”

You can view the entire webinar presentation below:

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