Replay: Understanding the Purchase Path & the New Customer Journey

Between technology advances and increasingly savvy consumers, conversion paths are no longer linear. They’ve become much more complex with numerous stops, starts and touchpoints along the way. It’s critical to understand this new more convoluted behavior in order to reach potential customers at the right time with the right message.

During a webinar this week, SweetIQ‘s Liz McConomy explored why some businesses struggle and others are thriving by embracing multi-channel strategies that complement one another and drive more foot traffic, online buying and repeat business. According to Liz, the future of retail won’t be an either online or offline discussion, but rather a melding of the two to create one brand experience.

Liz explored a variety issues as it relates to the new customer journey. Here are some of the takeaways:

  • Nearly all of Gen Z actually prefer shopping in-store.
  • Over the years consumers have become less forgiving of poor web experiences and will abandon brands/businesses quickly.
  • Connecting the online and offline worlds isn’t an ambitious hope for marketers. It is here.
  • Today’s consumer is jumping in and out of platforms, devices, and talking to friends and family simultaneously.
  • Traditional customer journey: 1. consider 2. evaluate 3. purchase 4. post-purchase experience. Today’s journey isn’t step by step. There is no clear funnel.
  • The most disruptive online retailers are now investing in brick-and-mortar strategies.
  • According to Liz, brands nailing the in-store experience include: Nike, Starbucks, Sephora, among others.

You can watch the entire webinar recording below.

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