Replay: The Death of Facebook Organic Reach & What It Means for Multi-Location Brands

Earlier this year Facebook announced a major change to the News Feed, reducing the visibility of organic content. The update prioritizes posts from friends and family over brands. In addition, the change prioritizes posts “that spark conversations and inspire meaningful interactions between people.”

In a recent webinar, SOCi CRO Warren Kay explained that “likes” are now less of a priority to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm while comments, shares and direct messages are more important. Warren discussed the importance of content engagement, content best practices, measuring success and scaling these efforts across 10s, 100s or 1000s of locations.

Additionally, Warren provided six tactics multi-location brands can use to stay relevant on Facebook:

  1. Join the conversation. Respond to comments, both positive and negative. It not only shows consumers you’re listening, Facebook ranks the replies as points toward “meaningful engagement.”
  2. Go local. Facebook users don’t want to read generic stories from brands. Highlight a community event, share videos and pictures of the neighborhood, include local celebrities in your posts. These types of posts will spark conversation versus being ignored.
  3. Create content people want to share. Before posting anything, ask yourself, “Would I read this? Would I share this with my friends? Why do I care about this?”
  4. Track top performing content. Smart social media solutions will have a Content Center that is easily accessible and will show you what content, across which platforms (especially Facebook) is already getting the conversations and shares businesses need to share to stay relevant.
  5. Tune in to conversations happening around your brand. You’re no longer simply a “content creator,” you’re facilitating a meaningful conversation that’s relevant to both your audience and industry.
  6. Review your post metrics. Facebook tells businesses to look at “reach, comments and shares to determine if they are succeeding.” Yes, your organic reach may drop, but a “like” was never contributing to your business success. Interacting with your audience creates a positive brand experience that gets results not only online, but that can also translate to real-world dollars earned.

For more insight into Facebook’s update and tactics for multi-location brands to succeed, you can watch the webinar replay below.

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