Replay: Scoring the Digital Marketing Stack

During a webinar this week, Boostability’s Kelly Shelton and LSA’s Charles Laughlin discussed the results of a survey conducted from May-June by both companies. The survey targeted digital agencies and those selling digital products and services to SMBs.

Agencies were asked to rate the digital marketing stack based on demand, stickiness, ease of integration, ROI and margin. Elements of the marketing stack included content marketing, PPC advertising, display, SEO, email marketing, social media advertising, listings managements, video, reviews and reputation management and websites. The objective was to understand how the companies selling the stack to SMBs perceived the performance and compare them to Boostability’s own analysis.

Of the 102 survey respondents, 63% were digital agencies serving SMBs. The remaining respondents included website developers, SaaS software developers, general media agencies and local media sellers.

A few notable observations from the survey included:

  • The survey results were consistent with Boostability’s analysis of the marketing stack based on internal data, conversations with partners – with some notable differences.
  • SEO and websites receive highest ratings from agencies, higher than in Boostability’s internal assessment. These two are clearly the leading offerings among the digital agencies responding to the survey.
  • Some factors that may contribute to lower ratings for certain services include lack of familiarity, lower demand among VSBs, lack of transparency, heavier use of self-service by SMBs and other factors.

You can view the entire webinar presentation below:

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