Replay: Overcoming the All-in-One Sales Challenge

There’s a great deal of buzz being generated regarding the difficulties of selling all-in-one digital marketing solutions to SMBs (small businesses). The challenge lies in showcasing the value of a full-stack solution to these SMB customers without complicating the landscape further.

During a recent LSA webinar, Charles Laughlin of LSA’s Tech Adoption Index and Ziv Koren of Camilyo discussed the all-in-one sales challenge and how to overcome these challenges and achieve lower churn and higher customer value. The discussion revolves around a report released by the Tech Adoption Index (commissioned by Camilyo) in December.

To begin, the benefits of the full marketing stack were discussed, including:

  • Less churn
  • Higher ARPU
  • Easier to tailor a solution
  • Flexibility in marketing offers

For the purposes of this discussion, the term “full stack” refers to suites of digital market and back office applications designed to serve as a more or less comprehensive “operating system” for small businesses. The full stack brings two competing imperatives into play for SMB sellers.

Additionally, it was revealed that small business operators are clear in their preference for software packages that simplify their business life for them, with 65% of them preferring to work with a single company that could address most or all of their areas (HR/payroll, finance/operations, CRM, supply chain and marketing services) for a single monthly or annual fee.

However, many organizations who offer multiple-product suites are afraid that they will complicate the sales process with things like higher sales costs, customer confusion and sales rep confusion. The discussion went on to detail some observations and best practices.

You can view the recording of the webinar below:

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