Replay: Never Lead with Facebook — Secrets for More Effective SMB Sales

During the LSA’s most recent webinar, Itamar Shafir and Barry Plaskow of Umbrella discussed how agencies can gain the trust of wary customers, the “360 package,” and the proper sequence for introducing different marketing solutions.

The presentation kicked off by discussing the “bliss point,” which happens when the client feels as if their expectations have been met. The timeline to meeting a client’s expectations should take into account their current status, as well as their perceived values and expectations (converting views to clients, gaining traffic, etc.) When presenting the solution, there should be visible evidence highlighting what’s been accomplished.

They then laid out the sales sequence for new prospects. Prospects exhibit low trust in the beginning, so it’s up to the agency to build that trust by offering free, low-cost or results-based solutions. Once the client reaches their bliss point of matched expectations, you can then attempt to upsell to them.

To help agencies reach their growth goals, agencies should present 360-degree marketing solutions, which encompasses solutions for each and every need. This can include websites, email marketing, business listings, Facebook ads, reputation management and more. “The more products we have and the more we know about them, the better we will be able to upsell,” said Itamar.

This sequence allows for more success with converting prospects to clients and addressing their needs:

You can view the recording of the webinar below:

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