Replay: Local Data Hub – The Future of SMB Websites

Websites are the original digital marketing platform. But for some pundits, their relevance is in doubt given the dominance of Google and Facebook. Do websites – especially small business (SMB) websites – have a role to play anymore? Yes – but it’s changing.

During a recent webinar, Greg Sterling of LSA and Matt Matergia of Mono Solutions explored how SMB websites should now function as “Local Data Hubs,” supplying structured data to search, virtual assistants and third-party directories. Built correctly, they also collect customer data and can provide deeper content to help support buying decisions.

Greg and Matt explored the roles websites play from the consumer perspective, for SMBs and for digital marketing providers. Some of the takeaways include:

  • Websites (54%) were the top digital marketing channel that small businesses will invest in during 2018.
  • 85% of surveyed digital service providers said that website clients are higher value clients that non-website clients. (Source: Mono Solutions survey)
  • Here are the qualities of a website that effectively functions as a Local Data Hub: structured and consistent content, mobile-first, engagement and personalization, CRM and customer data collection, transactional, analytics and insights.
  • For non-immediate need searches, consumers are looking for confirmation that they’ve found the right business for them. Websites do this in a way that other channels can’t.
  • The role of the SMB website is shifting away from being a “digital storefront” to serving more as a hub for a business’s information across the web.
  • SMB websites the most authoritative source of information and when done right, websites are what drive data consistency across all platforms and channels.

View the recording below:

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