Replay: How to Stop Worrying about Local Listings & Focus on the Customer Journey

Local listings management is table stakes for businesses big and small. But the way local data is processed by big platforms is complex and often results in inaccurate information, duplicates and other inconsistencies. The result is low visibility, bad location data or a generally less than optimal consumer experience.

In a recent LSA webinar, David Turner of Neustar Localeze and Jamie Kanter of Moz explored how the local ecosystem determines “your” local listing and ways you can ensure better outcomes. The panelists agreed that while DIY listing management is possible, the time it takes will keep marketers from other critical components of the consumer journey (social, reviews, content, etc.).

While roughly a 10-year old problem, the local data space continues to be extremely messy with many sources of inaccurate or inconsistent business data. According to David of Neustar, 2.4 million businesses are removed or established annually. This is a major contributor to inaccurate, missing or outdated local business information found online.

The discussion had a number of very interesting insights including:

  • The local space experiences rapid data degradation with 60% of data being out of date in 2 years.
  • While businesses are the best source of local data, most do not have a good track record of listing management and maintenance.
  • Every local listing publisher matters because often one listing feeds another and that one might feed yet another. This is what causes much of the local data chaos.
  • Consumers will blame the brand when bad local data is published online, not the publisher.
  • The top three reasons for duplicate local listings is: 1. user-generated data, 2. data conflation (mixing of sources), 3. business changes (moving, closing, etc.).
  • Large enterprises can have around 3,500 duplicate local listings, while big brands can have up to 100,000.

The presentation ended with some concrete ways to get control of your clients’ business information. You can view the recording of the webinar below:

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