Replay: How Location Data Predicts Retail Closures, Trends & Opportunities

Last year saw the largest number of retail closures in history and 2018 may eclipse it. From Toys ‘R’ Us to Nine West, these failures could have been predicted using location data. For marketers, this same data can also be used to predict positive trends and opportunities to engage with consumers.

During this webinar, Cameron Peebles, CMO at inMarket, talked about how location data and related strategies can help marketers understand consumer behaviors and retail preferences. Additionally, Cameron provide questions to ask if considering a location data provider:

  • What percentage of your data comes from 1st party SDK integrations?
  • Where did the remainder originate?
  • Can you identify all of the parties that your data has passed through?
  • Who validates the accuracy of your data?

The webinar also explored the following:

  • Location insights from inMarket (click here for more)
  • How location data helps identify and analyze customer loyalty
  • Predictions on how digital will impact the music and retail worlds
  • How location data reveals previously invisible consumer behavior patterns
  • How to spot critical trends: demographic, psychographic and macro-economic
  • How to evaluate location data sources and create actionable strategies

You can view the entire webinar below:

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