Replay: 5 Marketing Services Your Agency Must Provide in 2018

Agencies are faced with an increasing number of platforms and channels to manage on behalf of clients. Trying to do everything can be overwhelming and in some cases ineffective. Instead, agencies must focus on the tactics that drive real value.

In a webinar this week, Yext’s Rev Ciancio and Duane Forrester discussed the five things that should be on every agency’s radar today as we head into 2018. The discussion offered a number of very practical recommendations in alignment with each of the following five tactics:

  • Digital Knowledge Management: The process by which agencies source, manage and make digital knowledge/data available to customers when it matters most.
  • Voice Search: As voice-powered search grows in frequency, all businesses must understand, and have a plan to address this shift in behavior.
  • Reputation Management: Having a strategy for engaging with customer ratings and reviews is critical. One study found that for every star a business gets in their rating, their sales revenue will increase from approximately 5-9%.
  • Schema Markup: This is critical in improving how business data and websites are understood by search engines.
  • Goal Based Metrics: Agencies must focus on setting objectives and provide goal-based metrics that ultimately point to an impact on the bottom line.

Learn more about the specifics of each tactic in the webinar recording below.

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