Regional Newspaper Uncovers $22,000 in Co-op Ad Funds in 1 Day


Given the “use it or lose it” nature of most co-op advertising programs, now is the time to take advantage of co-op programs. Since co-op funding is a function of sales, the second half of the calendar year, more specifically Q4, is the best time to go after these co-op dollars.

To help illustrate this, we (LSA’s Co-op Dept.) recently helped a regional newspaper group find over $22,000 in accrued co-op dollars for five advertisers. After identifying the brands these advertisers sell, we worked directly with the manufacturer to identify the actual dollar amount available to these retailers/advertisers in co-op funds.

The local advertisers were diverse, selling prominent brand names in categories spanning everything from jewelry, to paint, to watches, to motorsport equipment. The accrued co-op dollars spanned the following brands:


One of the most compelling aspects of this co-op case study is that all of the funds were discovered in just one day. Taking advantage of LSA’s co-op database and services, the newspaper group (New England Newspaper, Inc.) was able to first identify the opportunity. This is a prime example of the win-win-win scenario, where the brand improves local awareness, the advertiser accesses “found” ad dollars and the media organization grows advertiser spend.

The ROI of working with a co-op services provider (like LSA) can be huge. In addition to saving time on doing the research, just one co-op ad sale can immediately cover the annual cost of utilizing LSA’s co-op tools. This experience isn’t unique, and we’ll be exposing more of them in the future.

If your media or marketing company isn’t taking advantage of co-op for your advertisers, now is the time to jump in. Many of your customers have probably accrued co-op dollars, only you (or they) don’t know it. Click here to see what LSA can do for you to take advantage of this huge co-op advertising opportunity.

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