Reflecting on the Year Ahead

After reflecting on today’s inauguration, it seems appropriate to think about the promise of hope for our own industry.

My post today on Search Engine Land outlines the search landscape and the opportunities we have:

Search is fragmenting, consumer habits are changing, and the platforms through which Yellow Pages publishers interact with advertisers and consumers are rapidly evolving. And everyone is touting themselves as a local search expert.

The good news is that we are well positioned to succeed and we are telling that story more aggressively to the market:

  • We have one of the most sophisticated systems available for advertisers to track ROI.
  • We have an unrivaled sales team — thousands of feet on the street that act as marketing consultants to small businesses. No other medium matches the personal relationships we have with our customers.
  • Many Yellow Pages publishers have built vibrant Internet operations and are serving as data providers for search engines like Google and Yahoo, ensuring that we have a role to play in digital search.
  • We are dedicated to consumer choice so that people who want a print directory have one available, and those who choose other search options can limit the receipt of printed materials.

Most importantly, the need for local search isn’t going to disappear. We must, as an industry, stay on top of trends and technologies to remain competitive in an increasing competitive landscape.

Read more at Search Engine Land.

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