Planning a Party?: Google+ Adds Events

I’m excited to introduce Will Scott, CEO ofSearch Influence, a national online marketing firm focused on small and medium sized businesses and white label online marketing for publishers and media partners who serve them. Search Influence is the largestonline marketing firm on the Gulf Coast and New Orleans’ only Inc. 500 honoree in 2011.

In today’s post, Will overviews the new Google+ event feature and the advantages that Google’s integration possibilities present for social media marketing.

I saw the most interesting thing when I logged into Google + the other day.

It appears the latest feature to launch from the Google+ Product team is “Events”. One hates to continually compare to Facebook, but this is yet another feature where Facebook has traditionally led other social media sites.

We have seen clients use Facebook Events to great effect as an RSVP mechanism for offline events. But Google+ Events is a compelling alternative because of it’s interesting integrations with other Google products.

Like other event schedulers, Google+ Events allows you to set a time and place and invite your friends. Google+ Events also displays events, similar to Gmail integration, within the context of your existing calendar items.

Notice how when I view a full day on my calendar, the tool shows the time slots available for an event.

So what else can you do with Google+ Events? You can share events with your circles, or individual friends, or any combination.

Plus, you can schedule a Hangout, or an “on air” Hangout.

“On Air” Hangouts is the new feature that allows you to broadcast your hangout publicly.

Additionally, Google+ seems to have addressed some early challenges, such as the ability to mass-post event invitations.

With Google+ Events, Google is adding a very interesting feature set. Google’s ability to seamlessly integrate Google+ with all  other products may be the secret sauce necessary to start to put a dent in Facebook’s heretofore impenetrable armor.

Additionally, with the ability to drive +1s through AdWords, G+ may be a useful advertising tool in local businesses’ arsenal..

Still a long way from the ubiquity of Facebook, Google+’s live video-chat, Hangouts feature and integration with Google Calendar provide the social network with a unique advantage.


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