Placed Study Shows Snapchat Isn’t Just For Reaching Teens

Digital publishers, agencies, platforms and brands put themselves at a disadvantage when making decisions based on assumptions or limited data. Targeting based on only a few data points or simplistic thinking can lead to a narrow or inaccurate view of customers or where to reach them.

Following up on its recent Pokémon Go user study, Placed released a new study exploring the offline behavior of Snapchat users. Many marketers see Snapchat as an app for teens. The Placed study showed that wasn’t the case.

The study utilized Placed’s nearly two million “double opt-in” panel members and explored the stores and business locations that Snapchat users visited most, separating the data further by gender, age and ethnicity.

As part of the study, Placed tested the effectiveness of a Snapchat campaign for the movie “X-Men: Apocalypse” for its distributor 20th Century Fox. It found that Snapchat users were 21% more likely to have watched the movie. It also discovered that 44% of the film’s audience used Snapchat.


The study also captured Snapchat users’ general offline behaviors. For instance, male Snapchat users most often visited Carl’s Jr., Domino’s Pizza and Buffalo Wild Wings while female Snapchat users visited Maurice’s, Rue21 and Aeropostale the most. The study noted that “gender preferences were apparent with no overlap in the top 10 businesses.”

Location analytics enable both offline attribution and deeper audience insights. In this case, it also helped expose the limitations of the conventional wisdom about Snapchat as a platform.

“With over 100MM users, Snapchat isn’t just about reaching a teenage audience,” said David Shim, founder and CEO at Placed.

The point being made is that advertisers shouldn’t make decisions without using data to better understand their audience and its behavior. A plethora of customer insights are available today that can help advertisers make smarter, more accurate and efficient decisions about where to spend their ad dollars.

As the Placed study showed, offline data and location analytics are a critical tool in that process.

The 2016 Place Conference in Chicago on September 21 will explore a variety of issues and case studies related to the use of location analytics and data. Check out the agenda to learn more.

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