Placed Insights Provides Free Access to Location Intelligence

Placed is launching a free location data tool called “Placed Insights.” There’s also a paid version, which offers more customized views of the data. But the free version seeks to educate agencies, retailers and brands about the many uses of location intelligence.

Mobile location data was originally discussed in the limited context of real-time geofencing. Over the past several years, however, location has become a versatile tool for all kinds of uses: audience and competitive insights, offline attribution and a host of operational uses such as staffing and setting business hours. There are many others beyond these.

Placed insights

Even though these varied uses have been highly publicized, most brands and marketers haven’t fully embraced location intelligence and are still “experimenting.” Placed’s David Shim hopes the new tool will help democratize location data and advance conversations within many more organizations about its usage.

As an example of the data, in the chart above, Ford dealers saw the highest share of offline visits in January vs. car dealer rivals on a national basis; Toyota was second. In addition to foot traffic data by category, there are audience behavioral insights such as distance traveled and day of week visitation patterns.

Ford visitors mirror the general population’s shopping patterns pretty closely according to the tool. However they tend to be somewhat less educated and less into recreation and fitness than the general population.

Placed Insights

Those who want customized or deeper insights will need to buy into the premium version of the tool.

Placed isn’t the first company to develop a dashboard that visualizes location data. However it’s the first to offer one for free. Accordingly we may see Placed’s competitors introduce basic versions of their customer dashboards in the near future.

While this is partly designed to generate leads for Placed, Shim says that’s not its primary purpose. He thinks that Placed Insights will help the market as a whole and his competitors by educating brands and agencies about the broader uses of location.

Shim also points out that the data behind Insights is the company’s full data set, drawn from a mix of first, second and third party data from a massive population of users.

If you’re looking for an overview of the location intelligence segment and its major practitioners and vendors, check out our free Location Intelligence Market Landscape guide. And for much deeper insight into practical uses of location data be sure to mark your calendars for this year’s Place Conference on September 13 in New York.  

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