PlaceConf: Zenreach Case Study Highlights Location Possibilities with Wi-Fi

Four Entertainment Group (4EG), a privately held company of various bars and restaurants in Chicago and Cincinnati, had no systematic email collection mechanism across locations, nor automated, cost effective ways to reach email lists. At Place Conference this afternoon we heard how the company partnered with Zenreach to accomplish this.

Leveraging a simple value exchange of free, in-store Wi-Fi for email addresses, Zenreach provide 4EG with a complete solution from email collection, to automated email messaging to store visit and purchase data. 4EG’s objectives were to expand customer loyalty, improve email collection, enhance customer communication, understand customers, increase repeat visits and grow revenue.

4EG deployed Zenreach-powered Wi-Fi across 14 locations, creating custom location portals for each. Running for over two years now, here are the overall results from the case study:


4EG dramatically increased customer contacts and total CRM size, customer engagements and communication. In addition, the company leveraged automated demography and geography data to dramatically improve messaging targeting, relevancy and response rates.

Overall, 4EG realized never-seen-before proof of marketing performance – measured by verified visits and revenue.

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