PlaceConf: Verve Explores the Next Generation of Meaningful Mobile Creative

If you ask Walt Geer, VP and Creative Director at VerveTM, what’s wrong with mobile ads, he’ll tell you exactly where the problem lies.

The unexpected intrusion at just the wrong moment, the frustrating and baffling user experience. Above all, the overall irrelevance of pretty much every ad unit you see — all these elements converge to create an experience that’s at best disruptive and at worst downright infuriating.

“As an industry, we’re so focused on data to the exclusion of everything else that the ad itself is just an afterthought — and that’s the problem,” Geer said. “Look at it this way, data is the fuel for your campaign, like gas for your car. But you can’t get anywhere with just fuel alone. You need a vehicle to put that fuel in … and the creative, that’s your vehicle. You can put all the premium gas you want in an old broken-down economy car and maybe you’ll get to your desired destination. But maybe you won’t. If you want to get where you’re going, fast and in style, you’ll go for the luxury vehicle — or, in this case, premium ad creative.”

On stage, today, at Place Conference in New York City, Geer shared in-depth examples of what this kind of ad experience looks like, drawing on a study Verve recently released called The Rise of Mobile Prodigies. The ad units he demonstrated were designed by Verve FoundryTM, Verve’s in-house creative studio. Each creative is designed to entice interest — and action — leveraging location intelligence to deliver a wide variety of curated ad experiences.

80% of Mobile Prodigies expect that ads they see will be tailored to their interests, hobbies, habits, and location
. Mobile ads can be intrusive, but if they’re based on who you are and where you’ve been, they transform into an engaging and informative experience. Verve’s Canopy ad units leverage location data and past ad exposure to shed light on these details and capture attention in a subtle way.

95% of Mobile Prodigies make in-store purchases based on ads they’ve seen on a mobile device
. What’s more, 39% expect the ads they see to be customized based on products they want to buy. The Canopy OnScroll ad experience puts the user in control, leading them into a dynamic ad experience. Products and services they see are customized to their unique interests.

46% of Mobile Prodigies want to save innovative ads and access them later.
 It’s common practice for consumers to take screenshots of ads they want to revisit at a later point — Verve’s Save the Experience ad unit makes it as simple as a tap to save the unit to the mobile home screen.

“As a brand, you should know your customers — and your potential customers — better than they know themselves,” said Geer. “Where they live, where they shop, what they like — if you know where they go, you know who they are and what will move them. If you take that insight and combine it with the right mobile-creative experience, then you can realize the golden rule of advertising — be where the customer is — in the most relevant and mutually beneficial way possible.”

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