PlaceConf: Unacast Calls for Greater Transparency with Location Data

While location data offers a number of use cases that were previously unavailable to marketers in the recent past, location data accuracy has been and remains a widespread challenge for location data providers. However, many providers often falsely claim to have the “best” or “most accurate” location data.

This morning at the 2017 Place Conference, Thomas Walle, CEO of Unacast, led a provocative discussion around the lacking transparency among location data providers. He shared actual brand messaging from a few providers to highlight his point of widespread over-promising within the industry.

But beyond location providers, Thomas felt that the buy side also should be caring more about transparency because more accurate location data leads to better performing campaigns. Location data is very much operating in a “black box” where providers aren’t being transparent with these data practices and accuracy.


Thomas called for the location leaders in the room to shift from focusing on data accuracy to “data confidence.” Given the inherently inconsistent and at times imprecise methods by which location data is collected, Thomas felt providers that promise accurate data but don’t deliver will create a negative perception among brands when campaigns under perform.

Finally, Thomas went through a number of recent headlines to highlight a shift towards transparency among digital players. He found this to be a step in the right direction towards more data transparency but felt there was still a long way to go.

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