PlaceConf: SIM Partners Uses Mobile Wallets to Map Search to Store Behavior

SIM Partners shared a case study with the Place Conference audience about work they did with Shoe Carnival to better understand how customers go from search to store. Leveraging location data and contextual content, supported by SEO best practices, SIM Partners was able to drive 76% lift in organic site visits.

SIM Partners took a three-pronged approach to the driving this lift in traffic:

  1. Manage: Build local data assets by consolidating, cleansing, categorizing, and optimizing data
  2. Distribute: Unleash your location data by distributing to data amplifiers to increase visibility
  3. Monitor: Understand your location data health and how you can improve

This outlines the SEO strategy, but to close the loop, SIM Partners relied on an integration with a mobile wallet offer. For marketers, providing coupons and deals via the mobile wallet is good for a variety of reasons:

  • Great way to drive foot traffic
  • Higher conversion vs mobile web coupon
  • Ability to update content and offers
  • Measurable at POS – close the loop
  • Unlimited retargeting and notifications/reminders
  • App-like functionality without the need for an app

On top of the SEO and mobile wallet efforts, SIM Partners also integrated a beacon strategy with the intention of mobile wallet retargeting. Overall the campaign brought together a number of location strategies to drive meaningful results.

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