PlaceConf: ProYo, Oniracom & inMarket Share Mobile Location Data Case Study

When you’re a challenger brand, you don’t have $100 million dollars to test-and-learn on digital campaigns. But according to Mike Fransz, VP of Marketing at ProYo, location-based mobile offers some of the most cost-effective and compelling customer engagement available today.

ProYo got its start as a roadside frozen yogurt stand in California. Today, with a growing national footprint, the brand is embracing location-based solutions via its AOR Oniracom and online-to-offline platform inMarket. At the Place Conference in NYC, Fransz took the stage alongside Oniracom CMO Mike Wald and inMarket CMO Cameron V. Peebles to share their experience in leveraging mobile location data to drive discovery and sales.

The entire ice cream category faces a unique challenge in that selling online is essentially cost-prohibitive. This increases the need for digital advertising to drive offline interest in products. To compound the challenge for ProYo, legacy brands are now jumping into the high-protein ice cream space, spending astronomically on things like marquees and end caps in-store.

With these challenges in mind, ProYo and Oniracom tapped inMarket to create a cross-channel, location-based campaign that targeted consumers at the most receptive moments before the store visit, drove product discovery inside the store and then closed the sale in the aisle, with the product in-hand. inMarket’s platform reaches over 50 million shoppers per month, as verified by comScore.  

Utilizing inMarket’s Preceptivity solution, ProYo used the inMarket location platform to determine when shoppers were “due” for their next grocery store visit. This intel then powered cross-digital engagements that were delivered when individual shoppers were likely planning their next shopping trip. Preceptivity boosts campaign efficiency by focusing on consumers who are most receptive to messaging, while eliminating wasted impressions on shoppers who have just left a store.

With shoppers primed via pre-visit digital engagements, ProYo was in great position to drive product discovery and sales inside the store. Using inMarket’s Moments In-Store and Moments In-Hand solutions, ProYo engaged shoppers proactively via mobile precisely when they entered a store — encouraging them to find ProYo in the freezer aisle. inMarket uses a combination of beacons, GPS and Wi-Fi to triple-verify store visits and to constantly scrub its database for accuracy.

Campaign results were outstanding: ProYo drove a 2.3x lift in purchase intent and a 21.3% increase in brand awareness with the inMarket program. Oniracom’s Wald added that aside from the hard results, the soft reactions from the general public on social media were 100% positive. Shoppers were appreciative to discover such a unique product as protein-packed ice cream, and excited to try additional flavors.

According to Fransz, mobile in-store campaigns provide fantastic dollar-for-dollar value, especially when compared to traditional shopper marketing tactics. As a challenger brand, that value and ROI are critical to success.

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