#PlaceConf: Digital Tools at the Service of Local Communication

Today at Place Conference London, I provided insight into GotU’s proprietary technology, specifically created for companies with a local sales force and offering an effective solution of local digital advertising.

Throughout the session, I stressed that the real challenge all digital communication players are now facing is not so much how to make digital communication work, (this task has already been successfully solved in the last 10 years), but how to identify the route to guide advertisers in generating returns offline through optimal allocation of their investments in digital.

As I put it, GotU got it back in 2016, when the GotU brand was founded based on the experience accumulated by 77Agency, its holding company, which was among the first in the world to integrate Facebook advertising solutions into its own digital marketing strategy.

I cited two examples of GotU localized campaigns: one of an Italian fashion brand and the other one of an international fast food restaurant. Each campaign highlights the versatility of GotU solutions and provides an insight on how GotU drives real foot traffic to the stores of its clients via location-optimized digital campaigns and creative content in eight different languages personalized for each of the chosen points of sale.

For Motivi, an Italian women’s clothing retailer, GotU used location targeting and vouchers to reach key audiences on Facebook and create “drive-to-store” traffic. Keeping in mind that every point of sale is unique, the GotU team came up with highly localized, targeted, data-driven and scalable content and advertising, specifically created for each of the chosen brand stores and managed in two flights of campaigns.

GotU did not only deliver highly effective campaigns reaching several hundred thousand users, but also guaranteed measurable results translated into significant offline conversions through coupon tracking for every store and audience, and into useful audience insights of potential customers for fine-tuning more efficient campaigns in the future.

The other interesting case study I reviewed is a pilot for Burger King in Italy where GotU used a unique menu item as a creative attribution tool. A new offer at one of the Burger King restaurants around Milan was promoted only via Facebook — and GotU nailed down the solution. In three weeks, the campaign reached 25,000 users and sold 508 burgers by targeting just the right audience.

Facebook Innovation Spotlight 2016 prize-winner in the category “Real Results for Consumers”, GotU has already reached over 60,000 local campaigns and established partnerships with over 15 countries around the world, including the UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Spain, the Philippines and South Africa.

More of GotU success stories are available on the site.

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