PlaceConf: 7 Profound Uses of Location Data Disrupting Advertising

The proliferation of smartphones – roughly 2.5 to 3 billion smartphones globally – has changed everything. From the marketing and advertising perspective, it is the data derived from these phones that have been particularly transformative. Accelerating this data disruption are sensors like beacons, WiFi, near-field communication (NFC) and more.

Greg Sterling kicked off the 2017 Place Conference in New York City today, providing a “what’s possible” discussion as it relates to location data. He shared seven profound uses of location that are disrupting the space:

  1. To understand and identify audiences
  2. Better understand buying behavior, preferences, intent
  3. Competitive insights (where else does customer go, how often)
  4. Contextualize and personalize content/experiences
  5. Match ad exposures with offline actions/visits
  6. Benchmark performance (internally or competitively)
  7. As a financial predictor: earnings, M&A activity

The concept of location, according to Greg, has changed from a point in time and space to data. He also went on to rhetorically ask the audience what the “promise” of location data is, which he answered in a recent blog post saying the promise is “a better customer experience.”

He explained that the agenda for the day was focused on unpacking the tactics that are helping businesses realize the promise of location. He went on to discuss the one-day agenda which features speakers from:



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