Pizza vs. Plumbers: Exploring the Local Media Consumer Journey

The path of a consumer searching for pizza is completely different than someone looking for plumbing services. While search engines are the top media used to find these businesses, a new study finds a variety of media being used for each.

According to LSA data, the top three most used media for finding pizza locally were search engines (62%), company websites (49%) and circular/email/coupons (33%). For finding a local plumber, consumers turned to search engines (56%), friend/family recommendations (49%) and ratings/review sites (34%).

While search engines are the most used media for finding these local businesses, the data illustrates how consumers are using more sources and are looking for different types of information when searching locally. Marketers need to understand this and evolve their advertising strategies to meet the new demands of consumers.

The data comes from LSA’s latest “Local Media Tracking Study” which surveyed over 8,000 U.S. consumers.┬áTo learn more about the study, click here. To view the graphic above, click here.

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