Pinterest’s ‘Shop the Look’ Pins Now Available to SMBs

Previously only available to big brands, Pinterest’s “Shop the Look Pins” are now available to all businesses. This free product-tagging tool allows businesses to tag Pins that feature products they want to sell, helping Pinterest’s over 250 million active monthly users go from discovery to purchase. The tags appear as white dots that users can click to view and purchase products that are featured within the Pin.

First launched in February 2017 for large businesses, the Shop the Look pins were designed to help businesses provide more relevant product information to users, as well as facilitate sales. The pins are available on both mobile and desktop, allowing users to make purchases wherever is most convenient for them.

This feature can provide huge advantages for SMBs, including increased exposure, traffic and purchases, as Pinterest reports that 67% of users have discovered a new brand or product from a business account. Additionally, 93% use Pinterest to plan purchases.

The social platform also offers free business tools and analytics, as well as ads that help businesses reach their target audiences at the right moment, build brand awareness and drive traffic and leads.

Promoted Pins, the original Pinterest advertising format, are pins that are promoted to increase the number of users who see them. For a fee, businesses can select their best Pins, target a relevant audience and track how they perform. They appear almost identical to regular pins, aside from the addition of the word “Promoted.” Businesses can also promote videos and mobile apps through this ad format.

Pinterest also offers One-tap Pins, which when clicked, take a user directly to a business’s website. According to the company, almost twice as many users have found items to buy through this ad format.

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