Philips, GoDaddy, Entravision, Waze, Scripps & 43 Others Join LSA in 2016

We had another great year in 2016 adding to the list of LSA Members and welcomed some great companies into the Association. In total, we welcomed 48 new members, an improvement on the 44 from 2015. For the third year in a row, this was one of the largest growths in membership in recent history.

A major reason we have been able to sustain our new member growth the last three years has been because of our ability to diversify offerings for a broader set of audiences. We pride ourselves on being the meeting place for the local ecosystem which includes media publishers, agencies, advertisers (brands and SMBs) and technology providers.

We’ve been able to attract these groups through a variety of programs and initiatives. Here are some of the things that have resonated with these new members:

Conferences: Our conferences offered unsurpassed networking and content. Last year over 1000 people attended LSA events. We added The Place Conference to our growing lineup of events. LSA17, our annual conference is coming up on February 27 – March 1 and will offer the most practical, yet forward-looking program to date. It also promises the most diverse set of attendees in years.

SMB Education: We hosted 5 SMB marketing bootcamps in cities around the US in 2016, each one with more attendees than the last. We have a full roster of bootcamps scheduled for 2017. In addition, we launched which compiles the most useful “how-to” marketing content for SMBs including blogs, reports, webinars and more. There are many ways to get involved with our SMB education efforts in 2017.

LSA Co-op: We expanded and improved our co-op advertising services. With the acquisition of Ad-Builder in 2016, LSA has the most comprehensive co-op services in North America, featuring a database of thousands of brand programs. LSA offers an array of revenue building services and can also serve as your dedicated co-op department.

Consulting, Research & Creative Services: From custom surveys and studies, event planning, thought leadership reports and infographic design, we offered our members a diverse mix of business services. In 2016 many took advantage of our industry knowledge, technical understanding, graphic design skill and years of experience, and in 2017 we’re adding new personnel and capabilities to keep up with demand.

Exposure Opportunities: LSA’s blog offers opportunities for members to offer their perspective on critical developments in local media and marketing services. In addition, our webinars continue to be a great way to educate the broader LSA audience and connect with industry professionals. We’re also exploring additional, new tactical webinars for agencies and practitioners to explore best practices. Finally, LSA is starting a podcast series to interview members, thought leaders, startups and others to do more to keep you on top of what’s going on in the market.

Membership Diversity: As we continue to diversify our membership, we are truly becoming the meeting place of the local space. We will continue to aggressively expand our membership reach in 2017.

Ad to Action Awards: We received 100 entries to the 2016 Ad-to-Action Awards and 172 for 2017! The program continues to grow and it reflects that the industry is now on a path of continuous innovation.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything we do that benefits our membership. To see how we can support your company, click here to learn more about LSA Membership. Or feel free to email us at

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