Pandora: Every Big Brand Now Asking for Location Analytics

This morning Placed and Pandora announced that they’ve used location analytics and offline measurement on more than 400 campaigns, representing 100 brands over the past several years. The campaigns have driven an incremental 60 million store and local visits according to Placed CEO David Shim.

Pandora’s Keri Degroote, who is the company’s head of Sales Research & Analytics, told me that the company turned to Placed and location analytics to prove value in Pandora campaigns involving QSR, retail and tourism. She said it was a big relief when they were able to show that campaigns on Pandora driving incremental visits and foot traffic.

Degroote also told me that campaigns on Pandora outperformed Placed industry benchmarks across the board and in some cases by 10X or 20X.

One of the campaign examples in the blog post and promotional materials is the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Using location analytics, Pandora was able to show that it had delivered $110 million in incremental revenue to the city, according to Placed. This is a particularly interesting example.


Travel has become mostly an e-commerce category with online booking. It can also be a high consideration purchase — so the attribution window is a key factor. Someone planning a trip to Europe or Hawaii, for example, might do that six months or a year in advance, making accurate offline campaign measurement nearly impossible.

In the Pandora campaign for Las Vegas, the ads promoted specific events that happened on particular dates making offline measurement considerably easer. Campaigns were matched with mobile ad IDs, which could then be matched with physical locations in Las Vegas during the relevant event dates.

I asked Degroote whether she had to do any advertiser education about the value of location data or offline analytics. I was somewhat surprised that she responded, “Every single big advertiser [in these categories] is now looking for location data” and offline attribution. So the answer is basically “no.”

Customers were and are proactively requesting the capability, according to Degroote. This reflects how the market has dramatically changed in the recent past.

Pandora and Placed will be on stage at the Place Conference in New York next week (9.13) to discuss what they’ve learned over the course of these 400+ campaigns with offline attribution:  

Pandora: What 400 Campaigns Taught Us about Location Attribution

Pandora will discuss how its perspective on measurement and use of location attribution have evolved over time. They will discuss lessons learned from more than 400 campaigns for 100 brands. They’ll also present two very different case studies for retail and travel & tourism.
Matthew Butts, Director, Ad Measurement, Pandora
Jim Watson, SVP of Operations and Strategy, Placed

In addition, Placed CEO David Shim will lead a panel with agencies:

The Buy Side: Where Promise Meets Activation

Led by Placed CEO David Shim, this session focuses on the buy-side perspective on location data and location intelligence services. What are their past experiences using location? Where is location today? What is on their wish list? And where do they see the market going in the future?
Donna Eddington, VP of Planning and Analysis, Horizon Media
Joshua Lowcock, EVP, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, UM Worldwide
Rolf Olsen, Chief Analytics Officer, OMD USA
David Shim, Founder & CEO, Placed

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