Bill Dinan announced as LSA’s New President

Daily News: Shopper Expectations for In-store Tech, Direct-To-Consumer Business, Scan-and-Go Retail

Daily News: Mobile and Online Coupons, Choosing a Location Data Provider, Data Privacy Laws

Using Mobile and Online Coupons to Attract Local Customers

Daily News: Building a Challenger Brand, Location-Based Marketing, Cybersecurity in SEO

Weekly News: Online Consumer Touchpoints, Google Display Ads, Inaccurate Local Listings

Tech Adoption Summit: Conference Video — Building a Challenger Brand

Daily News: Product-Driven Marketing, The New Realities of Local Search, Instagram Advertisers

Tech Adoption Summit: Conference Video — The Case for Product-Driven Marketing

Daily News: Local Search Industry Survey, Inaccurate Local Listings, Consumer’s Online Privacy


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