On Target: Zoho’s Raju Vegesna on Keeping it Simple for SMBs

Zoho is something of a anomaly in the cloud software space. Privately held, India-based Zoho has never raised a dime of outside money and it competes with some of the giants of the cloud, think Salesforce, Google, GoDaddy, etc. So how does Zoho break through and set itself apart?

Part of the answer comes from Zoho’s embrace of the “business operating system” as its core go to market philosophy. And the company eats its own cooking. The 5,000-person software company operates almost entirely on its own software.

We used Zoho’s recent announcement of two new products plus an update to its website builder to reach out and ask for an interview to learn more about the company and its approach to the SMB market. The interview with Zoho’s Chief Evangelist Raju Vegesna is featured in our latest On Target podcast.

Zoho’s go to market strategy is based heavily of offering businesses (80% of its customers are SMBs) an integrated suite of tools at an attractive bundled price, assuming that businesses don’t want to deal with multiple business applications, let alone get the various apps to communicate with one another.

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