On Target Podcast: Stacey Gray, The Future of Privacy Forum

Any discussion about the future of location-based advertising is incomplete without an examination of privacy.

Following the Congressional rollback of restrictions on ISPs’ ability to collect and sell consumer data without permission, the issue of internet privacy is once again front and center. Beyond this, the US and Europe are heading in opposite directions on consumer privacy.

Privacy is one of the most complex issues facing publishers, marketers and technology providers. That’s because consumers are fundamentally ambivalent about privacy. When there’s a clear value exchange, they’ll share location and other personal information. Yet they also express aversion to certain kinds of tracking and targeting.

One major question is, “who’s responsible for educating the consumer about privacy?” And who’s responsible when the rules are broken?

In this episode of On Target, Greg Sterling speaks with Stacey Gray of The Future of Privacy Forum, a Washington DC based think tank and advocacy group focused on issues of data privacy. They explore the state of location data and consumer privacy and what to expect going forward.

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