On Target: ZipSprout’s Megan Hannay on Local Link Building & Beyond

One of the most innovative approaches to local SEO and link building comes from ZipSprout, which connects local events and non-profits with sponsors (generally multi-location enterprises). It’s effectively a matchmaking service between between local organizations and brands.

LSA’s Greg Sterling spoke with ZipSprout Co-Founder and Product Designer Megan Hannay to learn about what inspired ZipSprout and the company’s perspective on the local market. The conversation explores local link building (myths and realities), branding, SMB marketing challenges, enterprise-local marketing, the ROI of local event sponsorship and other topics.

ZipSprout is now sitting on a huge amount of data about local events and community organizations across the US. The company also has visibility into which brands are most effectively scaling local event sponsorship. ZipSprout has examined thousands of local event “thank you” pages. Topping the list are Wells Fargo, Whole Foods, Dick’s Sporting Goods and State Farm among others. Hannay said one of the big surprises was Clif Bar, which among the most frequently mentioned.

The conversation concludes with a forward looking discussion about how automation could impact the local market and SMB marketing within the next 24 months. Listen to the recording below.

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