On February 4, Google Will Start Intervening in SEM Campaigns

Last week an email went out to an undetermined number of paid-search marketers. It says, “Google Ads experts are identifying key changes that can help you get more out of your ads, from restructuring your ad groups and modifying your keywords to adjusting your bids and updating your ad text” (see below).

It was first publicized on Twitter by Aaron Levy of Elite SEM.

Marketers and agencies will need to opt-out by February 4 if they don’t want this “complimentary campaign support.” However, you can opt-out at any point thereafter if they want to try it out.

PPC email

Some agencies and paid-search resellers may welcome this, while others will definitely not. Google says that while bids may be adjusted, budgets won’t be impacted.

This comes in the wake of the introduction last year of new automated campaigns (new ad types and features) that aim to simplify PPC and improve performance for large and small advertisers alike.

Paid-search marketing has seen heavy SMB churn over the years and Google has taken various steps to improve the performance of its reseller channel and the ROI for SMBs. The advance of machine learning is now to the point where complete automation of campaigns may soon be possible (Smart Campaigns, Local Campaigns) with limited or almost no human involvement.

AI and the future of the agency is one of the key topics at LSA19. How will AI affect marketers and campaign performance. And how should they staff and invest for the automated future? 

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