NLC Conference: Asian Pacific American Municipal Officers Business Meeting

This week, I had the great opportunity to attend the Asian Pacific American Municipal Officers’ business meeting here at the National League of Cities’ Congress of Cities and Exposition in Boston.

Many of the officials represent city and towns in California and Washington, where there has been a high interest in regulating distribution of print directories. I was glad to be able to address the group briefly to introduce the Local Search Association and overview our industry’s voluntary sustainability and consumer choice efforts, including the national availability of

The group was intimate enough for me to also engage in one-on-one discussions with many of the officials to get to know them on a personal level as well as receive some tips on what they felt would be effective outreach efforts by our industry.

Evan Low, vice mayor of Campbell, California and president of the Asian Pacific American Municipal Officers, suggested that our industry take a proactive approach to our messaging so that city officials learn about our voluntary solutions before they proposed ordinances regarding directories. He also acknowledged that neighboring cities frequently borrow ordinance language from one another, so setting good precedent is always important. Gilbert Wong, a city councilmember in Cupertino, California, said that while many city officials are supportive of local business, they also have constituents who have significant interest in environmental protections. That said, he acknowledged that he appreciates businesses that have active sustainability initiatives.

I look forward to building stronger relationships with communities across the country and working together to address our shared interest in resolving questions and issues regarding directory delivery.


2 Responses to “NLC Conference: Asian Pacific American Municipal Officers Business Meeting”

  1. Charlotte Brooks says:

    I am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to opt out of getting the Yellow Pages! Very frustrating! Something is wrong with the opt out website. It keeps telling me the CAPCHA phrase, or whatever that thing is called, is wrong.

  2. Wesley Young says:

    Charlotte, I’m sorry to hear that you had trouble using but do want to assure you it works and many use it. The Capcha phrase verifies a real person is entering the information. We do want you to successfully opt-out so we will contact you directly via email to help.

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