Nextdoor Introduces ‘Interests’ to Boost Engagement and Ad Revenue

Last night I got a message from Nextdoor introducing a new feature called “Interests.” It’s available in only a few markets right now. It’s a  lengthy list of topics that users self-select. Nextdoor has identified nearly 60 “interests,” in categories such as cooking, travel, home improvement, recreation, sports and others.

I haven’t spoken anyone at Nextdoor. However it’s pretty clearly a way to create interest-based segments that accomplish multiple objectives. Here’s what I think they are:

  • Target content to self-identified groups of people interested in that content or those types of discussions — to boost engagement
  • Create more targeted, vertical or interest-based advertising opportunities for SMBs and larger enterprises — to boost revenue

Below are the screens and sign-up flow:

Nextdoor Interests

The advertising objective takes a page from Facebook and could create national scale for brands seeking to reach specific local audiences. Right now monetization for Nextdoor is slow, problematic and not very competitive with other platforms, except in a geographic sense. This move is probably intended to address these challenges accordingly.

If you’re a manufacturer, brand or franchise (e.g., Anytime Fitness) that wants to reach sports or exercise enthusiasts in specific markets, “Interests” would be a very attractive national-local platform or as a way for local advertisers to target specific groups.

Nextdoor has massive adoption and scale nationally but not when it comes to ad targeting beyond location. Brands currently use Facebook (or Google) for this kind of high-value national-local advertising. But Interests could change that.

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